Suyo Cucumber

Suyo Cucumber


Suyo cucumbers—Chinese cousins to the English cucumber are sweet and mild. When combined with our Ultra Premium White Balsamic Vinegar they produce a crisp, tart balsamic with intense cucumber flavor. Ideal for salads and coleslaw. Use it to add an exciting zing to your next caprese salad or add a splash to your next shrimp cocktail. Just 10 calories & 2 grams carbs/tablespoon!

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Use in: Vinaigrettes, marinades, and glazes; add to Asian salads, stir frys; perfect in sparkling sparkling water and shrubs for a refreshing drink

Pairs well with:  Garlic, Eureka Lemon, Persian Lime, Leek, Ginger & Black Garlic. Wild Fernleaf Dill, Baklouti Green Chili, and more!

Ingredients: Grape must, white wine vinegar, natural flavors, naturally occurring sulfites

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