Ultra Premium White Balsamic Vinegar

White balsamic vinegar is made exclusively from Italian Trebbiano, Albana and Montuni grapes. Using Albana and Montuni grapes adds body and richness that Trebbiano grapes alone cannot achieve. The grapes are hand-picked and only the sweetest clusters are selected.

After picking, the grapes are left to dry in the sun (a very old artisan method) for 10 to 15 days. During this period, the natural sugar, flavor and body of the grapes is enhanced. However, this drying method results in and approximate volume loss of 10 percent through evaporation. The grapes are then crushed and the resulting must is then cooked in the traditional method but at lower temperatures to keep the sugars from caramelizing and darkening.  The cooked must is lightly filtered to remove any skins, and then blended with 100 percent Italian barrel aged white wine vinegar which is also made from Trebbiano, Albana and Montuni grapes.

White balsamics are aged up to 12 years in new, white oak barrels which maintain the rich, light color. The aged white balsamic results in an amazing 1.28 density and 4 percent acidity.

Ultra Premium White Balsamic is certified to be free from any additives including thickening agents, added sugars, colors, dyes, and preservatives. This is a healthful “living product” containing beneficial probiotics associated with vinegar that is not heat pasteurized.