Ginger & Black Garlic

Ginger & Black Garlic


This Ginger & Black Garlic infused olive oil is out of this world! It’s earthy, savory, and sweet. Black garlic isn’t new—it’s regular garlic that has been aged and caramelized. A culinary staple for chefs and epicureans. Perfect for Asian dishes. Up your game!

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Use in: marinades, vinaigrettes & dressings, finish chicken or fish off the grill, stir-fries, pasta dishes, roasted veggies and bread dipping

Pairs well with:  Tangerine,Pomegranate, Honey Ginger, Ripe Peach, 18-Year Traditional, Gravenstein Apple, Umeboshi Plum

All Natural; no artificial flavors, colors or additional ingredients; soy & dairy free; vegan

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200ml, 375ml